Since May 11, 2023, the requirement to be fully vaccinated to visit the United States has been permanently terminated. All travelers can now freely visit the USA with only one obligation: Obtain an ESTA with an approved authorization as status.

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Access your account and receive directly by email your official E-Visa, compulsory to travel in the United States. This document is valid for 2 years.

What is the E-visa USA?

Important information to know

  • JANUARY 2009

    Since 12 January 2009, all European citizens are obliged to apply for an E-visa Authorization for all flights to the USA. A necessary formality that replaces the old traditional VISA.

  • DECEMBER 2012

    The agency offers its services for obtaining online administrative formalities. The site offers its users a personalized support facilitating the reception. Customer service is dedicated to answering questions.

  • NOVEMBRE 2016

    Since the election of Donald Trump to the post of President of the United States, the security procedures have been strengthened and some countries are refused to enter to US.

  • FEBRUARY 2017

    The new official ESTA form asks its citizens to inform the US authorities about Facebook and Twitter personal accounts. This formality is not mandatory.

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